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Darren Emerson plays our techno release “Thermodynamics EP”

Cool! Darren Emerson supports Lepton Quark Records and played Fundamental Harmonics “Thermodynamics” in Tokyo last january.

It’s one the most techno profiled track from Fundamental Harmonics.  Powerful bass,  catchy chords with a bit of detroit vibe and here goes the solid beat!

Check this track in his set here on Soundcloud at 2 hours 19min:

Altroverso Radio supports forthcoming release Source EP

The italian guys at Altroverso Radio are kind and cool, they announced the forthcoming release “Souce EP” after receiving the Lepton Quark Promo.

Yes it’s our brand new release! Fundamental Harmonics brings 3 tracks. One being techno with a very nice housy piano arrangement. Second track is more like a techno bullet, straight beat in your face. The third tune is totally in the electro beat feeling with a dark melody.

More about this soon cause we’ll post a preview on Soundcloud!

altroverso radio