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Source EP out today on Whatpeopleplay

Our new release is out on whatpeopleplay this week in exclu!

MP3 and Wav downloads available.

You can find in the featured section on the frontpage.

feature wpp

Here’s the direct link: https://www.whatpeopleplay.com/albumdetails/Fundamental-Harmonics-Source-EP/id/111741

Feedbacks on the release:

Stacey Pullen ” Cool one!”
Animal Trainer “Source & Salamandre sound great to me”
Claudio Coccoluto “Nice job!”
Noah Pred “Digging the Salamandre track, thanks!”
Chris F “Salamandre is the best here”
Nadja Lind “Cool stuff, thanks for sending!”
Patrick Zigon “Salamandre is great!”
Daniel Melhart “Salamandre is a great one”
Hans Thalau “I like Club of Rome!”
Summer (Brandon Collins) “BOMB”
Reto Ardour “Salamandre is the one for me!”
Brian Busto “Salamandre and Club of Rome for me thanks”
Mutant Disco Radio Show “Love Club Of Rome thanks”
Steve Raschke Pure FM “Full Support!”
Mystic Vybes Mike Stukes “ROCKSSSSS”
Kiss FM Ukraine ” Support!”
CHRY FM Toronto” Nicely crafted release, I like the dense groove and tense atmosphere of Salamandre”