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Fundamental Harmonics “Asha EP” top seller on WPP

Screen shot top seller wpp

Thanks for all the support on this one,  Lepton Quark Records made it, Asha EP LPK011 reached number in the top 100 all genre on whatpeopleplay!

This made our day!


Check: Asha EP on Whatpeopleplay


Daso Franke (Daso (Connaisseur / Systematic)) ‘ASHA!!!!!!!!!’
Mr G ‘nice sound’
Kellerkind (Noir / Stil Vor Talent) ‘nice ep, thanks!’
Sergio Santos ‘Spenta for me!’
Daniel Sanchez (Remote Area / Bla Bla) ‘Asha sounds nice’
Joyce Muniz (2020 Vision / Exploited / Snatch!) ‘nice !’
Pedram (Supernature / Born Electric) ‘Spenta is very nice, will be good for early night. Thanks Julien Sandre (Morris Audio) ‘good music’
Chris Fortier ‘nice’
Andrew Grant (EDEC) ‘nice atmosphere in Anima & Asha’
Marco / Stefano (UGLH / Caramella) ‘Really cool tracks thx.’
Claire Ripley (Dessous / Phobic) ‘I like Spenta’
Frederic, Christian Möring-Sack, De Jonquieres ‘Spenta is cool!’
House Nation (demonfm.co.uk): Briliant EP, Spenta is a top tune.
Saturday Session (Ministry Of Sound) (Presenter): Nice release, full support!
Soundtraffic (FM Brussels): Nice release, ‘Spenta & Asha’ are my favorites :) Full Support !!
DJ Mag Spain: nice one yeah!
Ibiza Sonica (Radio): nice tracks on here. Gracias
Radio Partygroove “Hot”

Darren Emerson plays our techno release “Thermodynamics EP”

Cool! Darren Emerson supports Lepton Quark Records and played Fundamental Harmonics “Thermodynamics” in Tokyo last january.

It’s one the most techno profiled track from Fundamental Harmonics.  Powerful bass,  catchy chords with a bit of detroit vibe and here goes the solid beat!

Check this track in his set here on Soundcloud at 2 hours 19min: