Promo LPK015 – Fundamental Harmonics – Source EP

Hi guys! Very happy to bring this EP to life, please check it out I’m sure one of those 3 worthy tracks would please you!

Lepton Quark presents LPK015, Digital Release:

20 July 2015 Exclu on
27 July 2015 Beatport, I-Tunes & other outlets

Fundamental Harmonics “Source EP” LPK015

1)   Source                   07:48
2)   Salamandre        06:59
3)  Club Of Rome     06:35

DOWNLOAD EP Fundamental Harmonics – Source EP – LPK015 – Promo

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Stacey Pullen ” Cool one!”
Animal Trainer “Source & Salamandre sound great to me”
Claudio Coccoluto “Very nice job!”
Noah Pred “Digging the Salamandre track, thanks!”
Chris Fortier “Salamandre is the best here”
Nadja Lind “Cool stuff!”
Patrick Zigon “Salamandre is great!”
Daniel Melhart “Salamandre is a great one”
Hans Thalau “I like Club of Rome!”
Mutant Disco Radio Show “Love Club Of Rome thanks”
Summer (Brandon Collins) “BOMB!!”
Steve Raschke Pure FM “Full Support!”
Mystic Vybes Mike Stukes “ROCKSSSSS”
Kiss FM Ukraine ” Support!”
CHRY FM Toronto” Nicely crafted release, I like the dense groove and tense atmosphere of Salamandre”

Press Release:

Fundamental Harmonics is back in solo with “Source EP”, an abundant flow of evolving patterns and harmonies taking forms in 3 solid tracks, 3 strong currents that will carry your soul towards rarely explored soils.

“Source” is a radiant, positive Techno-House composition. Little by little the track uncovers its melodic theme, when a simple yet deeply touching piano takes the lead . This is it, the source is pouring and spreading down from the speakers. And who never enjoyed drinking fresh water directly from the source??

“Salamandre” brings us more into a techno ritual groove. The structure is minimal and whirling, the rhythmic shapes and arrangements are at work to build a rolling hypnotic vibe. The atmosphere here is getting tense and brings an ascendant flow of energy.

To finish, “Club Of Rome” arrives like a slap in our face, with its vicious bass and electro beat with no concessions. It samples the voice of Asmus Tietchens, aka Club Of Rome, an avant-garde experimental german composer. The title of the track refers also to the Think-Tank named Club Of Rome that predicted the limits of global economic growth in a world with finite resources.

Hope you’ll enjoy this release!

This is Lepton Quark 014, enjoy!




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