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Lepton Quark Records is made of audio & further vibrations. Its mission is to deliver immersive techno/ house/ electronica tracks inspired by the universe.
“Electronic music with soul, audio with a vision”
The overall sound will be propelled towards a “chiaroscuro”, enigmatic and cosmic atmosphere. This means oscillations between oppressing or mysterious moods and bright, luminous flashes of warming light.
[References: Ambient music,  Detroit Techno (UR, Mills, Hood, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin…) Physics, Cosmology, Sci-fi, Comic strips (Moebius, Jorodowsky…), Anticipation novels, Nouvelle vague, Film noir, Nature…]

Fact 1: Leptons and Quarks are fundamental particles, building blocks of the matter.
Fact 2: Quarks came up with weird names such as Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Bottom and Top.
(Somehow that sounds quite similar to the elements composing a crowd, isnt it: Life is full of quarks)
Fact 3: Electrons are composed of Leptons. So without leptons, no electronics. No leptons, no electronic music. Electronic music is leptonic music. One shall never forget.

Now think about Lepton Quark as a radio-telescope scanning various areas in, through and from the outer space. There is the capture of this nebular cloud here, and the tracking of a cruising stellar object there. Meanwhile, we received a cryptic sequence which we are still trying to analyze.
Well we have the audio prints and we’re going to release them on LEPTON QUARK!


Lepton Quark Records is a label founded in Bangkok  by producer Baptiste Mauerhan AKA Fundamental Harmonics, who released about 30 tracks since 1999:
5 tracks “Onset Asynchrony EP” on Chronobrain (Chris Carrier’s early techno label)
1 Downtempo track on F-Communications ( One track was picked up by Laurent Garnier for the Megasoft Office 2005 compilation)
 1 LP « Prism Energy » 10 tracks on Believe Digital in 2005
 “Transform & Unite” EP 5 tracks on USA Import Music in 2011.

Reached 6 time the top 5 on connaisseur  webvendor
Played & supported by international artists such as Laurent Garnier, Darren Emerson, Ian O’Donovan…

In parallel Baptiste has been teaching sound editing in universities in Bangkok, and keep working on the sound design for art house short films, animated series, theatre performances…
This reinforce inner connection between audio and visuals in the Lepton Quark’s universe.
Stay connected!


Download: Lepton Quark Label Biography

Electronic music with soul, audio with a vision