Fundamental Harmonics

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French DJ & producer, label owner now based in Bangkok, Baptiste Mauerhan got into the electronic music fever when working for the renown Parisian DJ station Radio FG in 1998-2000.

He then released:

-5 tracks “Onset Asynchrony EP” on Chronobrain (Chris Carrier’s early techno label)
-Downtempo track on F-Communications ( Megasoft Office 2005 compilation)
-1 LP « Prism Energy » ambient-electronica on Believe Digital in 2005
-“Transform & Unite” EP 5 tracks on USA Import Music in 2011 with the track Network Inhibition.

In 2012 Baptiste launched his own label Lepton Quark Records. The label is supported and played by Laurent Garnier Ian O’Donovan, Stacey Pullen, Darren Emerson, Mr. G, Daso…

After 13 releases, Fundamental Harmonics EP’s reached 7 times the top 10 all genres on,

-Fundamental Harmonics “Asha EP” reached number 1 in the top 100 All genres on Whatpeopleplay in february 2015!

-Fundamental Harmonics & Moodwax “Lost In Your Moment EP” was also number 1 in june 2015!

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Laurent Garnier heavily supported the track Fundamental Harmonics “Network Inhibition” by playing it in his radioshow “It Is What It Is”, on his covermount mix CD for Dj Mag august 2013, and even credited Fundamental Harmonics in his book “Electrochoc, 2013 edition”.

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Electronic music with soul, audio with a vision